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IDI-Systems brings together consulting talent worldwide to solve some of the most challenging engineering problems in the world. From modeling and simulations to deep-space communications, our staff and contract engineers can provide timely technical solutions and guidance to ensure your program's success.

With over 35 years of combined experience in software, systems, electrical, mechanical, and communications engineering, IDI-Systems can lend consulting expertise on all aspects of a program's life cycle and design.

Latest News

ACRE awarded US Army Phase II SBIR

IDI-Systems has been awarded a Phase II SBIR for the Advanced Combat Radio Environment (ACRE). The 24-month contract from the US Army's SBIR office and Ground Vehicle Systems Center in Detroit, MI will support maturing ACRE's radio and communications modeling software.

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28 SEP 2023

IDI-Systems awarded US Army Phase I SBIR for ACRE: NG in Unreal Engine

IDI-Systems has been awarded a Phase I Small Business Innovation & Research (SBIR) grant by the US Army to bring Advanced Combat Radio Environment: Next Generation (ACRE: NG) to Unreal Engine.

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06 APR 2021


Modeling & Simulation

From virtual training applications to finite element analysis (FEA), IDI-Systems can model and simulate the macro and the micro. With a strong focus on military and communications systems, we use virtual and constructive simulation and modeling approaches to realize current and future hardware.

IDI-Systems simulation and modeling software, along with its expertise, has been involved in the decision-making for nearly a billion dollars of US government acquisitions and helped train warfighters across the globe. We have delivered everything from high-fidelity radio simulators in our flagship product, the Advanced Combat Radio Environment, to field artillery trainers and sensor and designation systems emulators for guided weapons.


IDI-Systems works in space. Our background includes significant experience in satellite systems design and architecture. We have space-systems focused expertise in requirements capture and design analysis through preliminary and critical review phases.

We can help with comms, avionics/payload integration, qualification testing, test system design and review, GSE integration and compatibility testing, and aid in planning for operational bring-up and on-orbit commissioning.

Additionally, IDI-Systems has in-depth embedded systems knowledge that can help work through software implementation, preliminary and critical design review, failure mode and effect analysis, and other embedded systems architecture problems. We strongly focus on bus and payload integration from a sub-system perspective in both hardware and software.

Software & IT

From virtualized to the metal, IDI-Systems has experience in complex software and IT systems. We can help build out your IT network and services from off-the-shelf software solutions or write the custom bits of software needed to tie your IT design together in a way that makes sense for you.

We have experience in modern virtualized and cloud computing environments focusing on containerized solutions for rapid deployment and scaling. We can help deploy long-term high usage services or create instanced resources for CI/CD or other ephemeral computing needs. Our commitment to utilizing and supporting open-source software means we're looking out not only for the best software but also your bottom line.

Need something not available anywhere else? Let us work with you to write the piece of software that fits your needs directly. Whether a custom piece of simulation software or a network security appliance, we can help you rapidly realize a solution.

Government & Defense

IDI-Systems is International Development and Integration. We are looking out for the best people to meet the US and allied governments' needs by connecting global talent to government and defense projects.

We have experience working in US and European public funding initiatives and pursuing solicitations from civilian and military organizations. Our experience can help you through your proposal and bid process with services such as content and labor review or act as a conduit for contract labor on projects you wish to pursue internationally by directly letting us partner with you.


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